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Prof. Abbas Hameed Salimon Gets a Patent

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Author: website admin

11/12/2012 8:50 AM

Prof. Abbas Hameed Salimon Gets a Patent


The Central Agency of Standardization and Quality Control ,Division of Industrial Property gives a patent to Professor Dr. Abbas Hameed Salimon of the invention entitled "remove cadmium from contaminated water by electrochemical deposition using tubes of stainless steel package " and was accomplished in conjunction with each of the Dr. Adel Abid Sharif and Dr. Thana’ Kamel Abduljabbar. The present invention , which is a doctoral research, is a unique invention has been reached for the first time in the world and registers as an accomplishment of the College of Engineering and our mother university Baghdad and our dear country Iraq, where the Ministry of Industry will makes an advantage , especially in the paint industry, because the water used is contaminated and contains carcinogenic substances that are thrown in the river so that it must be treated where this invention will solve the problem of contaminated water easily and inexpensively . The principle of the cathode usage is adopted, which is a package of iron pipes non-corrosive and is available and inexpensive, these tubes are used to remove cadmium from contaminated water very simply either by chemical or mechanical way. Dr. Abbas received the ownership of this invention from the Department of Industrial Property.

  Dr. Abbas Hameed Salimon who the first professor of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research headed several departments including chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, environmental engineering, and he is currently the Head of Power Engineering in the college of Engineering ,University of Baghdad to supervise 71 Masters and 28 doctoral theses. More than 135 researches are published including 25 researches published in international well-known journals.


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