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AKUL extract as an effective mouth wash

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Author: website admin

25/4/2013 8:17 AM

AKUL extract as an effective mouth wash

  Dental plaque is generally defined as non-mineralized microbial accumulation that adheres to the tooth surface causing gum diseases like gingivitis and may lead to calculus formation, then periodontitis, which may lead to teeth mobility .The mouth washes found in the markets can not cure mouth disease completely ,so I tried Akul (Alhagy Camelorum) extract which is plant eaten by camels mainly in the deserts, and after doing the toxicity tests it was shown that it is safe so this was used by patients suffering from gingivitis,periodontitis,aphthus Stomatitis daily with a follow –up to 50 days.

  88 patients (68 males&20 females)of 10-60 years of age, were included in this study ,they were asked to rinse their mouth 4 times a day by the extract and wait for at least 1 minute to wash their mouth.Pateins were assured that the extract was 100% safe.

  The clinical results on were so encouraging (100%) for simple and acute gingivitis, within 3 days and within 7 days for apthus patients,60% for chronic gingivitis &periodontitis within 1week and 80% within 2 weeks . This is due to the contents of Akul extract of many effective materials like Tannin(Phenols)which so important haemostatic agent with antimicrobial effects and also Alkaloids, which strengthen the tissues in general, and also Flavenoid, which antibacterial, antifungal and anti protozoal compound, and finally Vitamin C which is a vital factor in preserving the cells & tissues of the body.

  Also the study recommended the use of such mouth wash as prophylaxis for people having normal and healthy gum to protect them from future inflammations. These results were the first of its kind in whole the world.


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