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“Ayah 3Sx3p-3D-solar” photometer

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Author: website admin

02/6/2013 8:59 AM

“Ayah 3Sx3p-3D-solar” photometer

Prof. Dr. Essam Mohamed Ali Shaker al-Hashemi

Prof. Dr. Nagham ShakerTurki al-Awadi

Dr.: Aktham Nassif Jassem Abbas

Abstract :

  The aim of this invention is to design an innovative cell flow transient in the form of parallel lines each line irridates three links emitting light of the same wavelength of the basic three spectrum color and the possibility of linking them with sensors of solar cells capable of measuring signal light generated from the source via cell runoff transit down to the sensor and simultaneously through solo and distinctive design for this type of trunoff transit cells.


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