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Use of L. Carnitine to improve productive, physiological and reproductive performance for the local duck

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Author: website admin

30/10/2014 12:34 PM

Use of L. Carnitine to improve productive, physiological and reproductive performance for the local duck

Hazem Jabbar Al-Daraji
Walid Khalid Al-Hiani
Hisham Ahmed Al-Mashhadani
Anmar Auda Tahir
Ali Sabah Ali Al-Hasani
Department of livestock - faculty of agriculture - university of Baghdad


  The term of domestic birds as chickens and turkeys, ducks, geese, guineafowl, pigeons, quail, ostrich, and some other species. Each of these birds features unique from other types such as productivity or quality or sensory characteristics (Li-Hsieh, 2004). The ducks in China, and introduced sheep meat in human nutrition since very early on to the meat of high nutritional value, and there have been brought up in the East Asian countries for its ducks of disease-resistant and high natural immunity against many diseases (Nagy et al., 2010). To lead to a significant increase in production of duck meat, to cater for the part not the simple needs of animal protein, especially poultry meat. In poor countries people resort to raising ducks home to improve income through the provision of eggs, meat and market its surplus (Pym et al., 2002). At present, in some parts of the world became a strong contender for the chicken duck egg production and meat, especially in Asia (Dinesh, 2008). As well as good growth and low production cost by generous ducks, all of that pushes to expand education and invest in the best ways (Adeola, 2003). The breeding of ducks and used for many purposes including the production of meat and feathers and albiz, etc. (Jacquie et 2011.)

  Carnitine is the best materials that improve the reproductive performance, L-Carnitine, which is a by-product of the demolition of the essential amino acids (Rebouche, 1992), referred to as khamda, of amenia vital role in manufacturing many amino acids. The Carnitine plays a central role in the metabolism of long-chain fatty acids, and the treatment of infertility and sexual apathy, as well as the effectiveness of antioxidants and protect tissues from oxidation damage. Carnitine is also a generator of primary amino acid and vitamin B6, is found in all cells of the body, and the term Vitamin like product cycle like many vitamins. It has proved of great importance in improving production performance Carnitine with various aspects of bird (Rabie and Szilagyi, 1997 a, b; Rabie et al., 1998; Celik et al., 2006; Arslan, 2006; Zhai et al., 2008 a; b). Therefore, this study aims to:

  1. Evaluation of the productive performance and reproductive ducks and determine the effect of Carnitine on these birds, then add it to the relationships.
  2. Determine the best level of in the light of the results of the productive performance and reproductive ducks.

  To be the first study to examine the effect of adding Carnitine to the burning Bush on productive performance and reproductive ducks. The results of the study indicated that the use of Carnitine in the domestic duck feeds by level 50, 100 or 150 mg/kg feed had a positive role in improving production performance to duck as evidenced by the increase in the rate of egg production and egg number and egg weight and cumulative mass of eggs, feed consumption rate and levels of protein and high-density lipoprotein and the hormones estrogen in serum and moral decline in concentrations modulate cholesterol and fat kidney and lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein and low Density too. The results of the study also indicated that the addition of Carnitine to feed the ducks level 50, 100 or 150 mg/kg feed led to improved corporate performance alfslgi and genital male ducks, as evidenced by the increase in size of the Fling and collective and individual movement of hovers and hovers and hovers compressed size, alkaline phosphatase activity and concentrations of protein and high-density lipoprotein concentration of hormone in serum alkaline phosphatase activity in seminal plasma and high moral decline in the percentage of sperm The dead and mutilated and deformed modulate protein concentrations, cholesterol, AST and ALT enzyme activity in seminal plasma concentrations modulate cholesterol and fat kidney and low density lipoprotein and low density in blood serum. However, the study results indicated that the addition of Carnitine level of 150 mg/kg feed had achieved the best results in most of the studied traits present in both males and females in comparison with other Carnitine levels (50 or 100 mg/kg feed)


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