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The Unified Directory of the Iraqi Researchers

  The unified directory provides search service of the free scientific websites available in the Website, where the directory issued by the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics, entitled " the websites Search Directory " third edition "and by the University of Technology / presidency of the university / the Interne unit " The Guidebook of the researchers of the free websites " are replaced with a unified directory so-called " The unified directory to assist researchers in the free scientific websites ", after the addition of some modifications to help and get benefit to all the scientific researchers.

  This unified directory provides the possibility of searching different scientific disciplines, whether these websites are related to "the scientific libraries, theses, scientific journals, lectures, libraries, websites to answer the scientific questions, and websites of the universities in the world".

  We hope you would like it to serve the development of human thought and to increase the spaces of knowledge for advanced scientific research in our beloved Iraq.


Please press one of the links below to see the websites:

Fully unified directory in PDF

Search guide for websites of universities

Mechanism of Search in the Internet

Free books websites

Free magazines websites

International Libraries websites

Free lectures websites

Free theses websites

Websites to answer the scientific questions

Universities of the world website

Learning English websites

E-learning websites

Computer Networks websites

Software engineering websites

Materials Engineering websites

Laser Engineering and electronic optics websites

Control and systems Engineering websites

Production and Minerals Engineering websites

Chemical Engineering websites

Biomedical Engineering websites

Architecture Engineering websites

Applied Sciences websites

Machinery Engineering websites

Electrical Engineering websites

Construction Engineering websites  

Computer Sciences websites