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 Department of Scientific Affairs


Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations was established since the mid eighties where the Scientific Affairs was a section at that time and was separated from the department in 1997 to be an independent department which includes many units.


Units of the Department:

    1. Scientific researches and their documentation.
    2. Scientific devotion for the faculty members.
    3. Writing and printing textbooks.
    4. Scholarships / full-time and part-time study for students in Iraq.
    5. Centers of research and scientific development / activities, units , departments and centers.
    6. Curriculum / BA, MA and Ph.D.
    7. Performance assessment / for faculty members and senior leadership.
    8. Conferences and seminars.
    9. Scientific Journals / supervising them and following -up their issues.
    10. Secretariat.
    11. Central promotions.

Administration and Manager of the Department:

The department is managed by the manager of the department and officials of the units.


Duties of the Department:

Supervising and following up all the scientific priorities belonging to the works of the University through the units of the department.