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Affine Transformation And Its Effect On Speeding Up Fractal Compression Of Medical Image

An Improvement Approach To Vocoders: Linear Prediction Vocoder (Lp Vocoder)

Cytotoxic Effects Of Datura Stramonium Extract On Cancer Cell Lines

Datura Stramonium Extract Inhibits Mitosis In Cancer Cells

Immunosuppressive Effect Of Purified Pyocyanine Pigment On T-Lymphocytes Viability Against Experimental   Infection With Hydatid Cysts Protoscoleces

Speeding Fractal Medical Image Compression By Using Highest Gray Value Of  Pixels Technique

Study Of Clinical Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern Of Common Bacterial Pathogens In Pediatric Hospital

Wavelet-Based Watermarking Technique

1- Using Modulators Molecules To Develop Magnesium Homeostasis (Research Project) 2- Magnisium And Drug Interaction

Attenuation Of Human Hydatid Cyst Protoscolices Viability By 1-Hydroxyphenazine Pigment: In Vitro And In Vivo Study

Comparison Study Of Crossover Types In Genetic Algorithms To Solve Combinatorial Problems

Correlation Between Thyroid-Related Hormones And Preeclampsia 

Design, Synthesis Of New Derivative Of Neproxen As Possible Prodrug

Econometric Model To Estimate The Italian Woman Share In The Economic Development For The Period (1980-2004 )

Effect Of Purified 1-Hydroxyphenazine Pigment On Active And Total T Rosette Formation Againest Secondary Hydatidosis

Effect Of Purified Pyocyanine Produced By Pseudomonas Aeroginosa On Other Microbes

High Efficient Sequences Generate From Developed Mcg Generator

Lipid Profile And Insuline Resistance In Patients With Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus