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About the University of Baghdad Website

 The main reason for establishing the University Website came from the increasing demand for the existence of sober website representing the University to keep up with the rising pace in this field in the civilized world where the internet and the websites are an integral and indispensable part in the faculties administration through fast communications and response to different requests which became the actual scale for measuring efficiency of any institute in the world today.
 The idea started after the year 2003 but didn’t implemented for many reasons like technical and financial problems from one side and the lack of support and interest from the other side, for these reasons the project execution didn’t exceed putting primitive designs or establishing poor and static websites. The mid of 2010 was the real start for founding website for the University through unlimited support from the University Presidency and its Head (Prof. Dr. Mosa Jawad Al-Mosawe) this interest was synchronous with unprecedented quality step from the presidency of the University through providing a whole server for the University colleges, Institutes and Centers with unlimited space for designed and establishing the website database which was greatly overcome all the difficulties that faced the website development in the past, in addition to the presence of professional crew in the University offering all types of technical support and consultations required for designing and maintaining all websites that belongs to the University. With all these efforts the website of the University has started which all will be the corner stone for more professional and integrated website that will reflect a shiny picture for the University.

Objectives of the Website

    1. Educational purposes, through publishing the lectures of the teaching staff of the University online, publishing the issues of the University scientific journal through scientific contributions from the students and graduates students inside and outside Iraq and covering all the scientific conferences held by the University and the Continuous education courses.
    2. Publicity and services purpose, through the advertising all thins related to the students and graduates of the University via the quick response to all requests related to the University from all over the World.

Future Visions

 We are questing for making the website of the University as the main reference for all University Students and graduates in all practical and scientific aspects, covering all the services aspects to facilitate obtaining the information and responding to all types of requests in relatively short time similar to the Institutes in the civilized World.


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University Activities

Professors of the faculty of language donate their blood to the heroes of the popular crowd and army

A number of the teaching of the college of languages at University of Baghdad in cooperation ...

Symposium on the dangers of plastics at the faculty of science

Central environmental laboratory at the faculty of sciences, University of Baghdad held ...

Faculty of nursing organizes a trip to the marshes of Maysan

Faculty of nursing at University of Baghdad organized a scientific trip to the marshes of Maysan ...

Faculty of languages mourns its martyr Dr. Hassan Abdul Amir

Faculty of languages at University of Baghdad mourns with grieve its martyr Dr. Hassan Abdul Amir ...

Workshop on measurement of scientific research at the department of scientific affairs

Department of scientific affairs at the presidency of University of Baghdad held a workshop ...


- Microphotometer

- “Ayah 3Sx3p-3D-solar” photometer

- The use of oil and anise seed to improve the productive and reproductive performance of different flocks of chickens

- Design of a new type of solar energy systems surfaces with a design that prevents the accumulation of dust using a technique of antenna induction Vibratory

- Removal of cadmium from simulated wastewater be electrodepostion on stainless steel tubes bundle electrode

- AKUL extract shampoo as an effective treatment of scalp inflammation &as best hair conditioner

- AKUL extract as an effective mouth wash

- Bacterial Techniqe to Produce Biophoshate Fertilizer and other Nutrients from Phosphate Rock and Whey

- First semen collection and artificial insemination of ducks and geese in Iraq using modern techniques

- The use of natural antioxidants to reduce the phenomenon of oxidation of fat that naturally occurs during storing fluid of male birds sperm

- Inventing an alternative new technique of Visopan screen microscope for textile scans and Determination of volumetric density and the relative weight of the components of the tissue for 2012

- Ceramic Water Filters

- Production and purification the enzyme glucose Aazomez of isolated local bacteria with studying some of properties and its usage in corn syrup and solution of pure glucose

- Design, Manufacture and Test a device to Measure the Length of Alsarcomir in muscle Fibers for Various Kinds of Meat

- Faculty members of College of Engineering at Baghdad university get Patent

- remove cadmium from contaminated water by electrochemical deposition using tubes of stainless steel package

- Bacterial technology to produce fertilizers Alvesfo - vital and some other elements o fphosphate and whey rock.

- The use of IRAQI METHOD ( uropygiaectomy ) to improve the Fertility and Hatchability in broiler breeded flocks .

- Locally preperd synbiotic and used it for early feeding for broiler chicks

- Local prepared for Automatically machine for loading the liquid material .

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve broiler performance

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve sexual activity of cocks

- Surgical removal of uropygial gland ( IRAQI METHOD ) to convert the sterile hen ( non-layer ) to high egg produce hen

- The Treatment of the Collapse of the Gypsum soil by Injection of Ekrelite

- Patent for two Professors of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad.

- Two professors from the Faculty of Agriculture received a patent.

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