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Regulations of Academic Sabbatical Term No.(162) of the Academic year 2009



In accordance with the provisions of the fourth clause of the article no. (9) of university service law no.(23) of the academic year 2008. The following regulations were passed:

Article (1)

Firstly: The minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research shall ratify and approve those who have professor and assistant professor ranks and would like to get subbatical term inside or outside Iraq pursuant to the law.

Secondly: The minister shall approve the sabbatical term for all included by the provisions of the first clause ( out of the article outside republic of Iraq in case of default of completion of the sabbatical term inside Iraq.

Article (2)

All those who have been granted sabbatical term shall be required to be:

  1. (Holding academic rank of instructor (at least).
  2. ( Having got an admission in accredited and recognized universities /centers and institutions by ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to present his paper whether the sabbatical term was inside or outside Iraq.
  3. (Nomination shall not affect the progress of faculty member in the college or department.
  4. ( Having got 70% rate of annual appraisal application for those who got academic titles of instructors.
  5. ( Presenting all documents that certify the fact that the hosting body assumed all the expenses during the sabbatical term.
  6. (Presenting guaranty which is equivalent to all his/her salaries for one year and shall be organized according to the law that shall be presented to the legal affairs of the university .
  7. ( Getting high scores of preference in the application form prepared for this purpose , considering the following :
    1. Date of certificate attainment.
    2. Years of academic service.
    3. Date of holding academic title.
    4. Number of books and published research papers.
    5. Supervising on theses and dissertations.
    6. Average of annual assessment.
    7. Accreditation and soundness of the university of sabbatical term.
    8. Disciplinary penalties.
    9. Absentees.
    10. Mastering natural languages, computer and internet.
    11. Granted letters of acknowledgment.

Article (3)

Those who would like to get sabbatical term are required to have spent five years of service to enjoy sabbatical term.

Article (4)

The university bore the expenses and salaries of those faculty members who would like to get sabbatical term in accordance with the regulations .

Article (5)

All those who met the stipulated conditions in the article (2) shall apply for application form during the given period and deliver it to the head of the scientific department supported by the following documents:

  1. Detailed CV.
  2. University order pertaining to degree being attained.
  3. Names of authorship, and published papers with copies.
  4. The suggested research paper name to get the sabbatical term with abstract.

Article (6)

Firstly, the scientific committee in the department assumes reviewing all the application forms of the sabbatical terms and verifying them with meeting all conditions and documents in both articles (2) and (5) together with the correspondence of the specification with the subject of the study.

Secondly , the scientific committee shall make recommendations to the counsel of the college and then to the counsel of the university to approve the sabbatical term and refer it to the department of research and development in the head office of the ministry for verification.

Article (7)

The duration of the sabbatical term shall be one year or one term which is non renewable.

Article (8)

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research undertook drawing up annual academic plan concerning the number of applicants and required specialization for sabbatical term.

Article (9)

The department of research and development in the head of the ministry undertook scheduling the date of application and termination for sabbatical term.

Article (10)

Those who apply for sabbatical term shall be committed to do the following:

Firstly, presenting one academic research paper related to the sabbatical term on condition that this research paper shall be published in referred journal during one year.

Secondly, delivering a lecture in the department or the college about the nature of his /her career during the period of the sabbatical term and the main contribution that has been achieved.

Thirdly , presenting a report supported by the supervisor every three months about the stages of achieving the research and the results that have come up with.

Article (11)

Those who applied to the sabbatical term enjoy the following privileges:

Firstly, the rights and privileges granted to those who applied to sabbatical term according to the law.

Secondly, a certificate of appreciation signed by the Minister

Thirdly, accrediting his/her research paper for the purpose of academic promotion .

Article (12)

In case of failure of completing the requirements of the research paper those who applied for sabbatical term shall result in the following :

Firstly, restore or getting back all spent money or expenses during the period of sabbatical term according to the law of government debt procurement no. (56) for 1977 .
Secondly , depriving them from enjoying the sabbatical term in the future.

Article (13)

Carrying out these regulations from the date of publishing them in the official gazette.


Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

AL-Waqaa' Al-Iraqi no.4164 on 20/9/ 2010