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College of Agriculture

Historic View

 Agriculture college, university of Baghdad is the first college of agriculture in Iraq. It was created in 1952. its building and agricultural fields have been distributed on 400 donam. The building of administration (the Dean), scientific departments, library, library, laboratories, shops, and factories occupied 100 donam, Farm and Orchard Occupied 300 donam. They are used to train students and doing research’s by Faculty and graduate students.


    1. Educate students (BSC, Master, and Doctorate) in different scientific programs regard in agriculture knowledge and its innovations; they will be able to respond to the needs of farmers and public.
    2. Doing agriculture researches to solve the problem of society in general and there are specialized programs in rural development and agriculture. The college me also promote the agricultural scientific knowledge.
    3. Provide agricultural scientific knowledge and new information’s to the public. In addition diffuse technical information about agriculture to meet the needs of formers.