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College of science

 2 College of Islamic science 
 3  College of science for women
 4  College of political science
 5  College of arts
 6 College of languages 
 7  College of medicine
 8 Al-Khwarizmi College of engineering
9  College of physical education and sport science for women
 10 College of fine arts 
 11  College of pharmacy
 12  College of dentistry 
13  College of engineering
 14   College of physical education and sport science
15 College of administration and economics 
 16 College of agriculture 
 17 College of veterinary medicine
 18 College of nursing 
 19  College of education for pure sciences (Ibn Al-Haitham)
20 Al-Kindy College of medicine 
 21  College of law
 22  College of education (Ibn Rushd)
 23 College of education for women 
 24   College of media





Institute of urban and regional planning 

 2  Institute of laser for postgraduate studies
 3  Postgraduate Institute for accounting and financial studies
 4  Genetic engineering and biotechnology for postgraduate studies




General secretariat of the central library  

 2  Development and continuing education center
 3  Market research and consumer protection center
 4  Educational and psychological research center
 5 Center for revival of Arab scientific heritage 
 6  Center for international and strategic studies
 7 Natural history research center and museum 
 8  Pioneer national center for cancer research
 9  Computer center