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History of Baghdad

About Baghdad

  Baghdad is the capital of the Republic of Iraq, the centre of the province of Baghdad., with a population of almost 7,216,040 people according to the latest statistics in 2011 AD, that makes it the largest city in Iraq and the second largest city in the Arab world after Cairo and the second largest city in Western Asia after Tehran, capital of Iran. It is also considered the economical, administrative and educational centre in the country.

  Abbasid caliph al-Mansur built Baghdad from 762 AD to 764 AD in the sixth decade of the eighth century AD, corresponding to a century (AH II) and considered it the capital of the Abbasid Empire ,Baghdad became a prominent place under their rule. It was one of the most important centers of learning and a forum for scientists and scholars for several centuries. The significance of the site of Baghdad is in the availability of water and the decrease of the dangers of flooding, which in turn led to the expansion of the city and increase its influence as well as ease of contact across the Tigris by bridges that link it with the left side of the river. The ancient city of Baghdad has many names like the round city, AlZawraa' and Dar Alsalaam. Tigris penetrates the center of the city and divides it into two parts Karkh (western part) and Rusafa (eastern part) Baghdad encountered a lot of foreign invasions and internal fluctuations over the past centuries, the Mongols , the Ottomans , the Elsafoyuen and the English invaded it , where the city suffered greatly during the period of occupation, the latest of which was the U.S. invasion in 2003.

  Baghdad was known for a long time with poets, writers and artists, the city that gave birth to a lot of them, where the cultural movement began to emerge making the city as one of the more influential capitals among the Arab capitals of culture and arts. Dozens of great Iraqi and Arab poets and artists sang for Baghdad. Etymology Abo Jafar al-Mansur built his new capital on the location of the village was known as (Baghdad) since the days of Hammurabi and named it (City of Peace), the paradise, but the people called it mostly the cityof Al-Mansour. Bjaddada was named on a board dating back to the eighteenth century BC, the time of King Hammurabi. Baghdadi was named in a board dating back to 1341- 1316 BC. At another board dating back to the twelfth century BC the name Bjaddado appeared. Reported in a historical document amounts back to 728 BC during the reign of the Assyrian king the third Tglat Flasar of (727 745 BC) Bgdado appeared Abu'l-Fadl Bediuzzaman Hamdani said (968) 1007 AD Name of Baghdad appeared in two of his twenty-fifth Mqamats , where he set up in Alazaveh; I like Alazaz with great delight and I was in Baghdad and. Baghdad in the language of the people of ancient Babylon is composed of two parts meanole orchard or garden, while the second part "Dad" means the beloved , then the meaning of Baghdad becomes a garden lover and his friend and orchard.

         The banks of the Tigris River and Abu Nawas Street

     Rahman Mosque and some neighborhoods in the Mansour district

                 Salhiya residential compound

                          Rahman Mosque

                Palestine Meridien hotels and Ishtar Sheraton

                            Hotel Babylon

                             Baghdad at night

                 Sunset at the Tigris River in Baghdad

             Tahrir Square embraces doves of peace

    Alnidae Mosque and part of the Cairo district in Baghdad

                        Baghdad Tower

                      Imam Musa ibn Ja'far

             Palestine Meridien hotels and Ishtar Sheraton

                     Street and pools Abu Nuwas
                   Baghdad University Gardens

                         Sarafiya bridge

                 Kahramana Square in the Karrada district


University Activities

"Measurement and accounting disclosure for oil licensing contracts" discussed at the graduate institute for financial and accounting studies
Graduate institute for financial and accounting studies discussed PhD thesis entitled "measurement and accounting disclosure for oil licensing contracts under the initiative of transparency and its impact on the opinion...

An instructor from the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham) discovers a segment of anti-cancer drug
Dr. Hazem Saadoun al-Jawari, an instructor in the department of biology at the college of education for pure sciences (Ibn al-Haytham), Baghdad University and the visiting professor at University of...

Scientific Symposium on laser and its applications at the faculty of Ibn al-Haytham

Faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham) witnesses a campaign for blood donation in support of the injured of the security forces
The cultural relations unit at the faculty of education for pure sciences (Ibn al-Haytham), Baghdad University organized a campaign for blood donation in collaboration with the health center...

Lecture on extremist Islamism in Europe at the center for international studies
Center for strategic and international studies at University of Baghdad hosted the academic researcher Dr. Waleed kasid al-Zaidi from the Graduate School for social sciences in Paris, France to delivered a lecture...

Symposium on sustainable development in the Iraqi day of environment held at the faculty of science for women
Department of biology at the faculty of science for women, Baghdad University organized a joint symposium with the center for environmental researches at University of technology at the department...

Approval of good laboratory criteria (IGLP) for acquiring accreditation certification from (OECD) organization for the first time in Middle East
Computer center at Baghdad University organized a course on good laboratory specifications (IGLP) with the adoption of the international specifications (ISO17025) under the sponsor of the ministry of higher...

Faculty of medicine inaugurates the electron microscope unit
Faculty of medicine at University of Baghdad inaugurated the unit of electron microscope/Anatomy branch for training postgraduate students on modern techniques and their medical uses in the presence...

Symposium at the department of archeology discusses the reality of education in Iraq over historical times
Department of archaeology at the faculty of arts, University of Baghdad organized a scientific symposium entitled (education in Iraq over Arabic and Islamic historical times) attended by a number...

Discussion of MA thesis at the faculty of political sciences on French foreign policy
The faculty of political sciences at Baghdad University witnessed the discussion of MA thesis entitled "French foreign policy towards Iran after 2007" submitted by the student “Rawaa Talib Dawood” from...

Zaha Hadid .. The fragrance that dissipated
The college of engineering, University of Baghdad announces with severe pain, heartburn and bitterness the death of a giant spirit, a distinguished...

Discussion of M.A thesis of Misbah Jassim Saleh entitled "strategies of technical risk management and their impact on oil sector"
M.A thesis submitted by the researcher “Misbah Jassim Saleh” were discussed at the department of financial studies, specialized in insurance...

University of Baghdad holds a theatrical festival for college students
Department of student activities at Baghdad University held a theatrical festival for college students under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul...


- Microphotometer

- “Ayah 3Sx3p-3D-solar” photometer

- The use of oil and anise seed to improve the productive and reproductive performance of different flocks of chickens

- Design of a new type of solar energy systems surfaces with a design that prevents the accumulation of dust using a technique of antenna induction Vibratory

- Removal of cadmium from simulated wastewater be electrodepostion on stainless steel tubes bundle electrode

- AKUL extract shampoo as an effective treatment of scalp inflammation &as best hair conditioner

- AKUL extract as an effective mouth wash

- Bacterial Techniqe to Produce Biophoshate Fertilizer and other Nutrients from Phosphate Rock and Whey

- First semen collection and artificial insemination of ducks and geese in Iraq using modern techniques

- The use of natural antioxidants to reduce the phenomenon of oxidation of fat that naturally occurs during storing fluid of male birds sperm

- Inventing an alternative new technique of Visopan screen microscope for textile scans and Determination of volumetric density and the relative weight of the components of the tissue for 2012

- Ceramic Water Filters

- Production and purification the enzyme glucose Aazomez of isolated local bacteria with studying some of properties and its usage in corn syrup and solution of pure glucose

- Design, Manufacture and Test a device to Measure the Length of Alsarcomir in muscle Fibers for Various Kinds of Meat

- Faculty members of College of Engineering at Baghdad university get Patent

- remove cadmium from contaminated water by electrochemical deposition using tubes of stainless steel package

- Bacterial technology to produce fertilizers Alvesfo - vital and some other elements o fphosphate and whey rock.

- The use of IRAQI METHOD ( uropygiaectomy ) to improve the Fertility and Hatchability in broiler breeded flocks .

- Locally preperd synbiotic and used it for early feeding for broiler chicks

- Local prepared for Automatically machine for loading the liquid material .

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve broiler performance

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve sexual activity of cocks

- Surgical removal of uropygial gland ( IRAQI METHOD ) to convert the sterile hen ( non-layer ) to high egg produce hen

- The Treatment of the Collapse of the Gypsum soil by Injection of Ekrelite

- Patent for two Professors of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad.

- Two professors from the Faculty of Agriculture received a patent.

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