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A Great Interest and Echo of the entering of our university in Guinness World Records

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Author: website admin

07/12/2014 9:28 AM

A Great Interest and Echo of the entering of our university in Guinness World Records

To watch a film about this subject click following link:

  Many of the civil society institutions and great personalities have focused on the entrance of our university in Guinness World Records Book , after it managed ,thanks to Almighty God, with the capacity of its instructors and students to establish the largest board of peace in the world at all.

  Son of the University, Mohammed Shiyaa’ Al-Sudani Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, who has described the event as historic because it expressed the aspirations of the people as well as Member of Parliament Dr Hanan Al –Fatlawi has attended and participated in this scientific demonstration and has presented her thanks and blessings to the chairman of the project Prof. Abdulbassit Salman , the astronaut Fareed Lafta, the Executive Director of the project engineer Bassim Hameed Jrimid .

  Iraqi channel has sent a live television broadcast system to broadcast the event through its screens to cover this important and great event , Baghdad University's website and social networking sites has been crowded with many telegrams and letters, comments and congratulations to the University.

  Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussain , president of Baghdad University has mentioned at the opening ceremony , “ we feel today happy with this scientific demonstration and this special event of the Mother University with historical and cultural depth and which has since its foundation has graduated different generations who occupy their positions inside and outside Iraq .

  As well as being the only Iraqi University which entered the rating of (QS) and got an advanced rank in webometrics " and recently has got an advanced new global ranking in the publication of researches, and is one of the 25 Arab universities, besides it has been selected to be the first in the “ day of science” annual occasion which witnesses the assessment of Iraqi universities , the formations and their faculty members ”.

  President of the University of Baghdad has paid tribute to the great efforts made by university professors and students, especially the astronaut Farid Abdul-Zahra and Prof. Dr. Abdulbassit Salman, the project manager and instructor Bassim Hameed , the Executive Director, and also has thanked all those who contributed to the completion of peace symbol board , which entered the Guinness Book, as well as he has thanked the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Mr. Mohammed Shiya’ Al-Sudani , where his ministry played a significant role in supporting the celebration through which the toys of peace board have been distributed to the orphan and displaced children , which represent a moral support and a message of peace to the world.

  Minister of Labour and Social Affairs has referred to this achievement which carries several messages, because it represents a parental humanitarian and educational gesture from the oldest university in Iraq, towards the orphans who have increased because of the terrorist attacks and earlier wars which led to the fall of many innocent victims and leaving a negative impact on their orphans.

  The Project manager , Prof. Dr. Abdulbassit Salman who envisions and plans with the university president , has explained that major efforts stood with this national project to raise the name of Iraq in the globe, adding that this achievement will be a new move of the university . Dr Abdulbassit has said that the activity is entitled " the greatest peace symbol in the world” and this symbol represents a component consists of children's toys, where the university records a new standard record that had previously recorded by America with an area of 61 square meters, whereas Baghdad University occupies a new record with an area of 103 square meters and the number of children toys up to (2880) , as university students made a major peace board to represent a symbol of peace in the closed Stadium of college of Physical Education at Baghdad University.

  The scientific demonstration has included artistic activities and has been attended by many official and academic personalities of the members of parliament and the governance of Baghdad , deans, professors, students , such as providing a patriotic applaud cheer that is performed by Choir of College of Fine Arts, TV film on the stages of completion of board of peace, and poetry readings performed by the orphans led by the talented creative child Yaqeen Kareem and distributing the certificates to the shareholders at the completion of the largest board of peace in the world.Our university website and the Office of university channel have accompanied this scientific demonstration and documented it with many images and film scenes.


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